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Zambians miss ECL – PF

FORMER President Edgar Lungu is loved by Zambians and will continue to hold the respect of majority of the citizens regardless of the propaganda and malice being peddled by the UPND, the Patriotic Front (PF) on the Copperbelt has said.

Munalula Moola, the PF Copperbelt media director says Zambians have come to love and respect Mr  Lungu because they have realised that their decision to replace the PF with the UPND was the worst and regrettable mistake ever made.

Mr Moola believes that Zambians were apologising to the former President Lungu for turning against him and were ready to correct the mistake they made in 2021by removing the UPND from government.

He was reacting to Beene Haachombwa, a member of the UPND campaign committee who has insisted that millers are PF aligned and has accused the former President Lungu of installing milling plants across the country to empower PF cadres

This is the second time Mr Haachombwa was accusing millers of aligning themselves with the PF despite his party disowning his earlier statement in which he accused millers were aligning themselves with the PF and are deliberately sabotaging the new dawn administration by increasing mealie meal prices so that Zambian could revolt against government

But Mr Moola said it was drivel for Mr Haachombwa to insist that the escalating price of mealie meal was because millers were aligning themselves with the PF and accuse the former President Lungu of installing milling plants across the country to empower PF cadres 

Mr Moola said former President Lungu and the PF government were a focused leadership who wanted to alleviate poverty, promote food security and empower Zambians for economic recovery and national development 

“Whatever UPND and its praise singers can say about ECL (former President Lungu), Zambians know that he was a good and caring President. President Lungu had the heart of a caring parent, a true and caring leader who could not fly in and out of the country when there were serious problems in the country.”

“But because sometimes Zambians get excited and want to try everything and anything, they decided to replace PF with the UPND and they are now regretting and apologising. Zambians are cursing themselves for having voted for the UPND, government that has pushed Zambians into more poverty,” Mr Moola said.


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