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Northern Province in fake fertiliser

A COMPANY that was contracted to deliver and distribute fertiliser in the Northern Province has been accused of having supplied fake fertiliser which is reported to have caused a lot of damage to the crop.

Farmers have complained that the fertiliser that was delivered had instead destroyed their maize crop and are now worried that there shall be poor crop yield with a resultant effect of severe hunger.

And Patriotic Front  Lunte Member of Parliament Mutotwe Kafwaya has said he was aware and was aggressively following up the matter of a named company having delivered fake fertiliser to the farmers in the region.

Some farmers have complained that fake fertiliser was distributed in the region which had destroyed their maize and are now calling on the government to deal with the contractor.

Mr Chanda Mubanga from Kasama, one of the affected farmers confirmed the development on Millennium TV programme dubbed “Millennium Tonight” on Wednesday at which Mr Kafwaya was the guest.

Mr Mubanga said hunger is looming in the province because most farmers where given the fake fertiliser.

He said, it is unfortunate that farmers can be subjected to such which will result in many households to be subjected to hunger.

“Here in Northern Province most farmers were given fake fertiliser and this is the first time it is happening in the history of Zambia. The fake fertilizer has destroyed out maize crop and we are deeply worried that and it is anticipated that there shall be hunger because our maize crop had been destroyed…not by nature but by human-will,” Mr Mubanga complained.

Mr Mubanga appealed to Mr Kafwaya to take up the matter and ensure that it was raised in Parliament so that the executive should know that some of the companies contracted to deliver and distribute fertiliser had supplied fake product.

Mr Mubanga said there was need for an immediate remedial measure to be considered and avert the hunger that is now threatening the region because of the anticipated poor yield.

“It is our appeal to Mr Kafwaya to consider raising the matter in Parliament so that government should be alerted that here in Northern Province, we were given fake fertilizer which has destroyed our maize crop. Many farmers will have poor yield and this spell hunger for the people in Northen Province, Mr Mubanga said.

And Mr Kafwaya has assured the farmers that, he would engage relevant authorities on the allegations that the company contracted to supply farm inputs in Northern was discovered that the fertilizer delivered to Northern Province was fake, he would advocate for appropriate action to be taken against the company.

“I will ensure that I gather facts about this issue. When I engage the Minister of Agriculture, I need to present the facts but you know these people who are speaking are the ones on the ground so we will ensure that the matter is followed up,” Mr Kafwaya said.



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