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KENYAN President William Ruto says the Catholic Church should continue to provide a moral compass to the country’s leadership.

Mr. Ruto says his administration recognises the Church and its vital role, adding, he would be a very troubled man if he doesn’t receive any condemnation from the Church.

“When a stakeholder, like the Church is quiet, I get very troubled.  The Church is closest to the people and what they say is what we rely on as leaders, not so much on the intelligence systems because sometimes, politics get into the way.  Am not discrediting the intelligence system.”

“All am saying is that the voice of the Church is important, and often than not, we use it as leaders to verify the very intelligence reports we receive.

Mr Ruto’s statement is in sharp contrast to the vilification that has been directed at the Catholic Church over the past few weeks since Chawama Catholic Priest Anthony Kapambwe Salangeta sermon during which he questioned President Hakainde Hichilema’s graphical representation of his economic achievements in the less than two years he has been in office.

Fr Salangeta’s message did not go well with President Hichilema and the entire UPND leadership with the head of State telling him off, describing him as a joker who should take the free education policy being implemented by the new dawn administration and go back to school.

In his homily, Fr Salangeta told the congregants that graphs were not going to put food on the people’s table and that if a family did not have mealie meal, they would be nothing.

 “They are writing on graphs, they are telling us about Millennium Development Goals and Zambia will reach the Structural Adjustment Programme.

Now in Misisi (Township), you use graphs. In Misisi, it is about nshima and not graphs. People want to eat and not graphs,” Fr Salangeta said.

If they had their way, the new dawn administration would rather the Church remained quiet, aloof from what they consider to be politicking when one talks about the suffering in townships.

But as Lusaka Archbishop Dr Alick Banda has said Catholic Priests are not jokers but shepherds of God’s people who speak for and know their needs.

The Church cannot only be acceptable when it appears to side with those in power, neglecting the weak in society.

That is why Dr Banda, in his homily yesterday warned that those who shall ignore the message of the Catholic priests on the suffering of the people they governed shall be doing so at their own peril.

Zambians know and agree with Bishop Dr Banda that priests always spoke from an informed perspective and that those who ignore their messages, they would be doing so at their own peril.

Zambian politicians, especially those in government should therefore take a leaf from President Ruto and pay attention to what Church leaders are saying.

“I would therefore, be a troubled leader if I don’t hear any criticism from the Church. Am sure you will agree with me that the eyes of the Church are more open and everywhere.”  

This is what those in government need to appreciate, that they need to have that critical voice that is non-artisan that will call “a spade a spade and not a farming implement.”

Maybe President Ruto should be invited to Zambia and share his ideas which we are sure Zambians find refreshing.


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