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Kagem gifts workers for their labour


MINING companies should ensure they take on board workers’ interests when introducing new policies to avoid conflicts and ensure industrial harmony and increased production, Mineworkers Union of Zambia (MUZ) General Secretary George Mumba has said

Mr Mumba said new policy systems being introduced by mining companies should always be transparent to avoid suspicions but should instead build confidence in management thereby building a good industrial relationship and setting the stage for increased production

Mr. Mumba said during the Kagem Emerald Mining Limited (KAGEM)  Labour Day award ceremony that workers were the most valuable asset of any company and so deserved respect, motivation through proper remunerations, and better conditions of service

Mr. Mumba said he was happy that the union had continued to enjoy a good working relationship with management at Kagem

“The workers are not only great assets of any company, but they are also important stakeholders who deserve to be consulted and taken on board whenever the company is introducing new policies.”

And Kagem Emerald Mining Limited General Manager Adrian Prinsloo said the workers were the most important asset of any company and this was why the giant emerald mining company has always strived to properly motivate the workers through better conditions of service and remunerations


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