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Kawana calls for the promotion of local products


GOVERNMENT has called for the promotion of local products to improve the local manufacturing sector in the country.

Ministry of Information and Media Director Spokesperson Thabo Kawana says the importance of the local manufacturing sector to the new dawn administration’s economic transformation agenda cannot be overemphasized as it is a vital sector in job creation and overall economic transformation.

Mr. Kawana says the new Dawn administration is ready to work with local manufacturers to grow their businesses. 

“I urge you to identify things that you need and engage the local leadership on how you can access government empowerment loans and grants to grow your businesses,” Mr Kawana said.

Mr. Kawana says, Government is ready to enhance the capacities of local businesses to ensure value addition, adding that the government is working at creating a conducive environment for such businesses to thrive.

He described the local manufacturing sector as an important tool in the country’s industrialization and economic transformation.


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