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THE new dawn administration has failed to seal leakages of corruption in the corruption administration it has decided to ignore the current cases of graft because they have concentrated too much in dealing with the Patriotic Front (PF), National Democratic Congress (NDC) President Saboi Imboela has said.

Ms. Imboela said that the corruption cases in connection with Sugilite should be an eye opener to investigative wings to look into graft involving the current government.

She said the fight against corruption UPND focused on the PF leaving the tap of corruption leaking in their own administration“Even the Bible says you cannot takeout a speck in someone else’s eye before you take out the one that is in yours,” Ms Imboela said.Ms Imboela said she was not advocating that the corruption in the past should be ignored but what she meant was that government should first seal the leakages of corruption in the current administration before they could focus on the past corruption.She said when the first case of Sugilite came to the fore, it should have been an eye opener because the UPND official who was involved mentioned that there were some ministers who were involved and some foreigners.Ms. Imboela said after the suspects revealed the people who were involved, the state and investigative wings did not move in to investigate and secure the Sugilite hence the theft of the precious mineral continued.

She also said the president Hakainde Hichilema should stop traveling in the name of trying to restructure the debt when the money to restructure the debt was in the country in the minerals that were being stolen using state machinery.

Ms. Imboela said the president was busy moving from one country to another trying to revamp Zambia’s economic leaving all the minerals that the country was blessed with.She said Mr Hichilema was like a parent who was busy gallivanting around leaving his children reaping the country of its resources.Ms. Imboela said even the leaked audio that got Luapula province minister fired indicated that the mines sector has a lot of money that only few individuals were benefiting from.

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