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Zambians wallowing in abject poverty – Musoma 


ZAMBIA Republican party president, Wright Musoma says it is unfortunate that Western countries are praising President Hakainde Hichilema while Zambians are wallowing in abject poverty due to the new dawn administration’s harsh economic policies.

Mr Musoma says African leaders who are praised by the Western world are betrayers of their own people and President Hichilema should be worried that he is being eulogized by foreign countries when his own citizens are suffering under his leadership.

In an interview, Mr Musoma said it is uncalled for, for Western countries to heap praises on President Hichilema when Zambia is facing numerous economic social and human rights challenges.

He said foreign nations were benefitting more from Zambia’s mineral wealth than Zambians and that the head of State should endeavor to put the interests of citizens first before his foreign praise singers.

He said the new dawn administration had failed to address the gross human rights violations that the country was going through and that it was ironic that the Western world had decided to ignore all governance evils by the new dawn government. 

Mr. Musoma has called on the UPND administration to concentrate on improving the lives of Zambians instead of focusing on winning praise from foreign entities.

“These Western countries that are busy praising our Republican President are up to something. They know that when they support him even if he’s not doing the right thing all they want is to rip off Zambia. So, I am encouraging Zambians to be wary of these countries because they will reap off our minerals and we’ll remain with nothing,” Mr Musoma said.


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