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AG denies illegality in seizure of Musukwa’s properties


THE Attorney General has denied any illegality in the search and seizure of former Mines Minister, Richard Musukwa’s properties alleged to have been acquired through proceeds of crime.

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Musukwa and his wife, Jenala Lungu, have sued the Attorney General in the Lusaka High Court, contending that the search and seizure of their properties by Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) was illegal.

In a petition filed in the Lusaka High Court, Mr Musukwa alleged that the combined team of officers from Zambia Police, the Office of the President and DEC seized 11 vehicles, a house, four decorative stones and his Maverick short Gun serial number MV0204615 caliber 12B.

They petitioned the High Court to declare illegal the said actions by the investigative wing.

Other petitioners include Ms Jacqueline Musukwa, Kumapili hotel Limited, Mwanangwa Resources Limited, Tachizya Company limited and Twenty-four seven stands by security limited.

But DEC senior investigations officer under the Anti-money laundering investigations unit, Mr Emmanuel Khondwe stated in a response to the petition that the officers searched and seized properties with the aid and authorisation of duly executed warrants.

“All entry, search and seizures were duly executed with warrants in the presence of advocates representing the petitioners Justice Sinkala of Messers. Chibeluka and Associates and Evans Muma the property manager. The warrant in the officer’s position was valid and was obtained from a court of competent jurisdiction,” he contended.

He said the reason for the seizure of the properties is to secure, preserve and protect them from any potential risk or tempering that would jeopardise the said investigations.

Mr Khondwe stated that depending on the outcome of the investigations, the properties would be either released or forfeited to the State.



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