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MARKETEERS at Chisokone market are being urged to reject the decision by the Kitwe City Council (KCC) to demolish more than 200 shops to pave way for the construction of new shops by the local authority.

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Former Zambia National Marketeers Association () general secretary Enock Chifuka says traders at Chisokone market should resist and reject the council’s decision to demolish their shops because that would mean they would have to start renting to the local authority

And Mr Chifuka has said the K5, 000 government had given the victims of the fire that swept through Chisokone recently was not enough compared to the loss they suffered.

During a meeting held yesterday at lunch hour fellowship hall, Mr Chifuka, who is one of the victim’s of fire which swept the market more than three weeks ago, said traders should not be intimidated by anything including the police because they were not committing treason.

“This battle is not an easy one. It is a tough battle. We do not want cowards. I am urging you to be united and not to get intimidated. You should not be intimidated because you are not committing treason. We need to be united and courageous. We should not be intimidated even by police presence.”

“Chisokone market has been our working place and so, we should remain united and reject the council decision to demolish more than 200 shops so that they construct new ones because if we allow that, it will mean that we will start renting to the local authority and consequently, we will lose the shops,’’ Mr Chifuka said.



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