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Djomaly Foundation, US based charity seeks to build schools in Zambia


A US based Philanthropist Patrick Djomaly is seeking to give back to Africa and Zambia in particular by building schools and Orphanages in a bid to complement the government’s efforts on the provision of free education.

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Djomaly through his Djomaly Foundation has partnered with his Andy Crossman are planning on coming to set up Schools in Zambia with Choma and Shibuyunji set to be among the beneficiary.

Speaking in an interview Crossman says through the Djomaly Foundation , they will be embarking on a transformative journey of giving back and making an impact in the lives of vulnerable children a cross African.

Djomaly a Congolese by decent, lived in Zambia for seven years before he relocated and obtained a US Citizenship.

But Mr Crossman says the Foundation’s passion is education and as such they will laying a foundation for Africans children bright future through building of schools across Africa.

He said that the Foundation’s mission is not confined to classrooms as it reaches beyond touching the very fabric of the communities.

” Our Passion is education, the greatest gift we can offer to these young minds on the continent , eager to learn , to explore to dream , Through the Djomaly Foundation, a beacon of hope  and compassion, we are building schools in Africa , laying the Foundation for the brighter future .” Crossman said.

But our Mission is not confined to classrooms , it reaches beyond , touching the very fabric of the communities we serve , By building schools we are building futures , providing jobs for the dedicated teachers .

And Crossman said the path is one of the sensitivity, cultural understanding and collaboration with the locals.

The Foundation will not only build the schools in Zambia but other African Countries as well.



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