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Egyptian delegation in Zambia over gold detainees

ALBAWABA – Zambia arrested last week six Egyptians and one Zambian inside an Egyptian private plane that carried $5.6 million, hundreds of golden coins and multiple weapons.

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Drug control authorities in Zambia revealed that a plane from Egypt was held for containing a large amount of money, 605 golden coins in addition to five guns with 126 bullets. Zambian authorities said later on that the pieces were not pure gold and were in fact mixed with zinc, copper, and nickel.

Sources told the New Arab that a delegation of Egyptian officials has been holding a series of discussions since Thursday with Zambian governmental officials regarding the plane and detainees. 

Zambia’s Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) announced last week that: “A private jet which landed at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport (KKIA) in Lusaka on Monday evening, carrying more than US$5 million in cash, 602 gold bars, 5 pistols with 126 cartridges, was seized by authorities on Tuesday.” 

 Zambian Drug Enforcement Commission revealed that 10 individuals were detained after the plane was seized at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, including one Zambian, one Spanish national, one Dutch national, one Latvian national, and six Egyptian nationals for possession of dangerous goods.

According to the New Arab, the plane which was caught in Zambia and has the number T7-WSS, belongs to an Egyptian businessman who has strong ties with governmental officials in the country.

Egyptian security forces detained a local journalist after his report on officials aboard seized plane in Zambia was published on Matsada2sh.

The news agency said that its website had also been “subjected to a coordinated attack” by Egyptian authorities 

Furthermore, the source claimed, as well, that the Egyptian businessman has parliamentary immunity due to his connections with governmental officials.

On the other hand, another Egyptian official denied allegations which were made on social media regarding the person to which this private plane belongs or where was it going as some people allegedly said that this plane was on a government mission to stop the division of the Nile waters.

An Egyptian journalist Karim Asaad was arrested early Saturday by authorities after “extensive coverage” of the plane seized in Zambia by the platform, Matsda2sh, or Don’t Believe.



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