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GOVERNMENT is not being sincere over the Goldgate scandal that has, in the past one week rocked the country leading to the arrest of several people including five Egyptians, the Patriotic Front (PF) has charged.

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Brian Mundubile, the Leader of the Opposition in Parliament and Mutotwe Kafwaya, the Lunte Member of Parliament say government has been making frantic efforts to cover up the gold and cash scandal at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport (KKIA) but had so far made too many conflicting statements for Zambians to believe.

Featured on Kasama Radio over the weekend, the two legislators said government was giving inconsistent statements about the Goldgate scandal which has since been exposed by South Africa lawyers who have pin-pointed some of the lies that were being propagated.

Mr Mundubile is now challenging President Hakainde Hichilema to come clean over the gold and cash scandal because as head of State, he should never attempt to cover criminal acts being committed on the Zambian soil by foreign nationals. 

He said that so far, over six different statements had been issued by government over the matter, an indication that the government communication system had totally broken down.

Meanwhile Mr Kafwaya challenged government to give the names of the individuals who authorised the landing of the plane. He wondered why no officers at the airport were suspended for involving themselves in illegality and that this was an indication that they were some big fish in the deal.

Mr Kafwayasaid that the KKIA Goldgate scandal was an eye opener for Zambians since the UPND were claiming to be saints yet there had been more scandals under their reign  than ever before.

And PF chairperson for legal affairs George Chisanga said that the lawyers that were representing the detained foreigners had noticed that the plane numbers were not marching to what the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) was reporting. Mr Chisanga said that the lawyers noted that the planes had different numbers and that they had raised alarm over the matter.

“One of the lawyers from South Africa has told his colleagues that there are a number of inconsistencies about the issue and it has exposed government,” he said.

He insisted that one of the planes had flown out of the country contrary to what DEC director general Nason Banda claims that the planes were grounded when the plates number plates were different.



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