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HEALIT Zambia, Dr Bells partner to offer free children’s healthcare screening services


HEALIT Zambia has partnered with Dr Bells Clinic to provide free paediatric screening services from August 21 to 25 in Lusaka’s Kabulonga residential area.

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Dr Bell’s clinic director, Christabel Mung’oma said in an interview that Healit Zambia has provided her clinic with blood testing facilities that will be administered to children below the age of 16.

“The programme is going to help because the blood tests will be done by HealiT Zambia and Healit is there to support our programme to run the blood test that we will be able to do if any the children who will come to us are not feeling well, we will have to do some tests.

“So our age range paediatrics will be attending to newly born babies all the way up until the age of 16-years-old,” Dr Mung’oma said.

Dr Mung’oma said it was important for children to regularly visit the clinic to enable health practitioners to closely monitor their growth. 

She added that the support from HealiT Zambia would enable Dr Bell’s clinic to attend to over 50 patients during the free screening services.

Dr Mung’oma implored mothers to take advantage of the free screening period to ensure children have access to the necessary healthcare services.

“HealiT is offering a whole package of various blood tests including haematological tests, microbiology tests as well as histopathology tests. We have different tests that they will be able to do as regards to this particular programme,” Dr Mung’oma said.



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