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Lusaka City Council to place 600 litter bins in CBD


THE Lusaka City Council says it plans to place 600 litter bins within the central business district (CBD) to ensure that cleanliness is upheld following the removal of street vendors.

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In an interview with ZANIS, Lusaka City Council Public Relations Officer Chola   Mwamba said the local authority will place litter bins in strategic areas within the CBD so that people moving around can easily access where to throw their litter.

Ms. Chola said the development will make it easier for the local authority to manage waste in Lusaka.

She stressed the importance of ensuring that the CBD is kept clean and appealing   to both local and international visitors that would be moving around town.

“We want to ensure that all areas within the central business district have bins, so that people in town have where to throw their rubbish,” stated Ms. Mwamba.

Ms. Mwamba also said the compliance levels of business owners painting their business buildings is very low.

She warned that the local authority will use the 2024 health permit provision as an enforcement mechanism to make progress in having buildings painted.

 Ms Mwamba said the council will not issue health permits to business owners that would not comply with the ministerial directive to paint their buildings.



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