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‘Nkana not crybabies’

…Nkana CEO says as he urges “genuine” Nkana fans to police themselves


NKANA Football Club Chief Executive Officer Kelvin Mutafu says the Kitwe giants are not crybabies as they always find a way to navigate through the harsh judgements from judicial bodies. 

In June this year, the FAZ Disciplinary Committee banned the club from using Nkana Stadium for the 2023-2024 season following the crowd trouble which happened during the MTN week 31 Super League match played on April 8 at Arthur Davies Stadium against Power Dynamos.

The ban from using their home venue forced Nkana to settle for Woodlands Stadium in Lusaka which is over the 62 kilometres which was recommend by the disciplinary committee. 

Mutafu said playing at Woodlands Stadium would enable Nkana to maximise on gate takings and navigate through the harsh judgements of having to play games 62km away from Nkana Stadium.

He hailed the Nkana FC executive for being creative and efficient to come up with ways to overcome challenging situations. 

“We are not crybabies, this is not the first time we had such a harsh judgement. We had our striker Alex Ng’onga who was banned.  The executive sat and thought how we can make money out of this situation so we were able to take ‘Bazo’ to Congo and made some money out of it so every situation which is presented to us we always find a way,” Mutafu said.

He said Woodlands Stadium where Nkana will play the first six home games is a perfect option for the Kitwe giants who command a huge fan base in Lusaka. 

He is confident that Nkana fans will fill up Woodlands Stadium when they host Red Arrows as the Super League takes off this weekend. 


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