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SOME opposition Members of Parliament will walk out on President Hakainde Hichilema’s parliamentary address when he opens the House next month in protest against the general mismanagement of the country, Munir Zulu has claimed.

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The MPs are also saying the protest would be against arbitrary arrests of opposition leaders which has so far seen several of the arrested on charges they say are more trumped up than transgressing the law.

Mr Zulu, the Lumezi Member of Parliament told Millennium Radio yesterday that there were plans to stage a walk out of parliament before or soon after President Hichilema would commence his address to House.

President Hichilema is expected to open the Third Sitting of the 13th session of Parliament on September 8, 2023 where he is expected to chat his government’s policy direction for the coming year. 

But Mr Zulu claimed that opposition MPs would walk out on the President in protest the over arbitrary arrests on what he termed flimsy charges.

He said the opposition MPs were also aggrieved by the selective application of the rule of law, which they claim was being applied discriminately.

Mr Zulu has also implored other opposition Members of Parliament and some independents to boycott the Presidential address through walk out so that the head of State could only address UPND MPs in the House.  

He said there has been lip service from the government in the manner in which the rule of law was being applied by the UPND government as it was targeted at only the opposition.



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