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Over 5, 000 children on education sponsorship by ChildFund


AT LEAST 5790 children have been enrolled for educational support by ChildFund through the Chongwe Child Development Agency.

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Chongwe Child Development Agency Manager, Green Makamo, says the enrolled children are from seven communities of Chongwe and Rufunsa Districts namely; Mutamino, Chainda, Kapete, Chitemalesa, Chimusanya, Rufunsa and Mpanshya.

Mr. Makamo said out of the 5790 enrolled children, about 4194 are attached to individual sponsors who provide funding for the implementation of projects in health care, education and youth livelihood among others. 

According to Priscilla Chama Mpengula, the ChildFund Communications Specialist, Mr Makamo said this when sponsors from the Amy Bell Charities, visited Nyashishi Community in Chongwe District, Zambia, to appreciate projects being supported in memory of Amy Bell. 

And Amy Bell Charities Representative, Larry Bell, explained that they took up the sponsorship of a child in Chongwe, Emmanuel, following the death of their daughter, Amy, who was passionate about helping children.

“We want to invite many more people to join our team and help whoever they can. They can sponsor children in India or even sponsor children in Central American area, wherever they are. It is a great experience,” he said. 

Mr. Bell said Amy died but left a Will to help Emmanuel, his family and the community resulting in the construction of two classroom blocks, at Nyashishi, water facilities and three teachers’ houses.

He said Amy Bell Charities will continue supporting Nyashishi Community as demanded by Amy Bell in her Will.

“Amy Bell made the decision to adopt a child through Christian Children’s Fund (now ChildFund International) after her first trip to Africa in 2009. She had requested to sponsor a little boy, ages 4-5. God, through ChildFund, gave her Emmanuel, age 4 at the time. Emmanuel is now 19 years old and ready to go for higher education.”

“She sent him pictures of herself and her horses. She sent him coloring books, especially ones with farm animals, and lots of photos of her “at the ranch with her horses.” Emmanuel would write Amy very sweet thank you notes (with assistance from ChildFund). He told Amy that he was “a farmer too”.  He and his family grew tomatoes in a small garden near his home,” he said. 

Mr. Bell said Amy left specific instructions in her Will that if anything happened to her, she had a Sponsored Child in Zambia, Emmanuel. 

“And that some of her funds should be set aside to make sure Emmanuel could continue to receive support for so long as he continued in the program. She also designated additional funds for the support of Emmanuel’s village through ChildFund International,” Mr Bell said.

“I, Larry, as executor of Amy’s estate, and Ellen are here today to meet Emmanuel and his family, tell him personally how much Amy loved him and wanted something special for him in life, and to also dedicate a major new “Fresh Water” project for Emmanuel’s community. They are also dedicating a significant new addition to Emmanuel’s school that doubles the number of children who can go to school in this community,” he said.

Mr. Bell said one of the most important things the Amy Bell Charities noted is the need for fresh and clean water at Nyashishi Community and other parts of Africa. 

Mr. Bell said it was also important to upgrade Nyashishi School to provide for senior secondary education. 



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