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SMEAZ urges Govt to reserve businesses for Zambians


THE SMEs Association of Zambia has called on government Should Start Reserving Some Business for Zambian Citizens Only.

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SMEs Association of Zambia Board Chairman Daimone Siulapwa said it was now very clear that foreign players were suppressing local development and opportunities for citizens as they dominate Zambia’s economy. 

He said the unfair competition, poor government policies, and lax immigration policies have allowed foreigners to control key sectors of the economy.

Mr Siulapwa said SMEs Association they acknowledge that foreign investments and players were necessary for a country’s development but if citizen were not involved or do not benefit, then the foreign investment were irrelevant.

He said it was government’s responsibility to ensure that only beneficial foreign investments were allowed, while avoiding unfair competition that harms the citizens.

Mr Siulapwa said the progress and advancement of Zambia as a nation would remain stagnant until its people take charge of their economy and actively drive it forward.

He said reserving certain businesses exclusively for citizens was necessary for the economic development of the country and the creation of job opportunities. 

Mr Siulapwa said reserving business was crucial for developing countries like Zambia, where economic opportunities, including employment were limited. 

He also said reserving some businesses for citizens safeguards the country’s interests, preventing domination by foreign companies and preserving industry control domestically.

Mr Siulapwa has called on all concerned citizens, including all businesses and associations that have been affected in their industry by any unfair foreigner players to join hands with the movement that has already garnered 178,000.



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