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ZAMBIA has potential to look at other innovative ways through which solid waste management can addressed in the communities by looking at solid waste as a resource and not something for outright disposal.

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Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Garry Nkombo in a speech read for him by Permanent Secretary Nicolas Phiri during the Climate Smart Solid Waste Management breakfast meeting, said the innovative ways requires the promotion of recycling and re-use activities. 

Mr Nkombo also said government was committed to support the recycling industry as it contributes to job creation and protecting the environment.

He said said the commend companies and stakeholders that have invested in water recycling as their efforts were contributing to raising value of solid waste.

Mr Nkombo said there was need to support the various business enterprises that have ventured into the recycling industry for their role in reducing waste in the environment and creating job opportunities.

He urged stakeholders in the recycling industry to recommend workable ideas that were aimed at supporting the growth of the solid waste recycling industry.

“We urged players in the industry to not just end at producing different products but to also participate in the value chain, we need to invest in awareness creation, the industry works well if waste is segregated at the point of packaging waste,” he said.

And USAID Mission Director Peter Wiebler said Lusaka district through the Lusaka Integrated Solid Waste Management Company was well positioned to demonstrate how the government at all levels could partner with the private sector to develop a sustainable waste management system.

He said locally-led solutions with government, the private sector and civil society organizations working in tandem was the best path towards residing the carbon footprint and promoting a sustainable green economy in Zambia.

Meanwhile Lusaka Integrated Solid Waste Management Company Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Imwana  Mwanawalye said the meeting has been organized to raise awareness on solid waste management that has affected communities in Lusaka district.

He said amidst the challenge, there was an opportunity that exist which was looking at solid waste as a resource



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