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NATIONAL Democratic Congress (NDC) President Saboi has said that they used to mobilise callers to spread propaganda for the United Party for National Development (UPND) when they were in opposition.

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Ms Imboela said she and UPND Media Director Ruth Dante were in charge of organising individuals that would be used to call on radio stations to promote UPND propaganda.

She said that they used to drill the callers by engaging them in seminars where they would be coached on how to conduct themselves on radio shows.

“What we used to do as UPND was trying to create a narrative that we are a very strong party on the ground and we used to engage people to call on radio stations,” she said.

Ms Imboela, featuring on Hot FM Radio Programme said the UPND needed to stop this outdated move of sponsoring callers and concentrate on delivering what they promised Zambians.

She was reacting to one of the UPND sponsored callers known as Mr Proud who castigated her for being bitter after being left out of the party’s adoption process.

But Ms Imboela said Mr Proud was one of the people that were part of the propaganda meeting which was held at MCK in Chilanga.

“We called Mr Proud and I was one of the facilitators and now he wants to come out as if he knows the structures of the UPND when he was just a puppet,” Ms Imboela said.

Meanwhile, Ms Imboela said the Gold scam at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport was unfortunate because there was no coordination between the ministers of Mine, Home Affairs and even the Drug Enforcement Commission.

Ms Imboela said what they were trying to do was damage control and that they would even sacrifice certain individuals to clean Government image. She said there was too much to the Gold gate scandal than what met the eyes of Zambians.

“There is too much to this story and there was too much secrecy in the name of protecting the integrity of the people being investigated,” she said.

Ms Imboela said that it was important for government to ensure that it made it easy for Zambians to benefit from minerals rather than what was going on in the country at the moment were only those close to the powers that be were benefitting.

“It will be very difficult to see a rich person in Zambia because there is too much illegality going on,” she said.



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