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THE Kunda Royal Establishment (KRE) has said it is of the view that the recent attacks on former republican president Edgar Lungu at the Malaila traditional ceremony of the Kunda people at the weekend was sponsored by the United Party for National Development (UPND).

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Recently, the former head of State was attacked by a mob of UPND cadres who disrupted proceedings of the traditional ceremony.

The KRE said it was of the view that the mayhem was perpetrated by members of the UPND as they had video footage which clearly showed Mambwe District Commissioner, Mr. William Banda pushing and shoving Police Officers in uniform, creating a scene right in the presence of the Kunda chiefs and the chairperson of the House of Chiefs. 

It said it was sad to witness a son of the Kunda land being at the centre of trying to disgrace the rich Kunda heritage.

The KRE said it wanted to put it on record that on August 1, 2023, they wrote to the provincial administration demanding the transfer of the DC, Mr Banda from Mambwe due to his hostile and repeated disrespectful behaviour towards traditional leaders. “His conduct was a hindrance to development and we cannot stand by and watch him contribute to the stagnation of our beautiful district.”

According to a statement, the establishment expressed deep disappointment and anguish at the regrettable displays of violent behaviour and insults by known UPND cadres. 

The ceremony which was held on August 19, 2023 at Luŵaneni in Mnkhanya Chiefdom became a scene of unruly displays of violent behaviour and insults by known UPND cadres who were protesting the presence of the former President at the ceremony.

As indicated in the statement by the House of Chiefs, Chairperson, Chief Chisunka “traditional leaders are non- partisan and traditional ceremonies are not political gatherings, but rather celebrations and preservation of our history and culture. It should be known by every Zambian that culture is not just our identity, rather, it also unites us and it’s a means through which we all come together to solve Malambo’s most pressing challenges and build sustainable communities.”

The KRE said it echoed the sentiments of the Chairperson of the House of Chiefs and was saddened at the blatant disrespect directed at Senior Chief Nsefu, his chiefs and subjects.

It said it was evident that the people who were at the forefront of this mayhem were people who did not regard the country’s national values as well as valuing the Kunda culture nor its leaders and people.

“We are of the view that anyone is free to attend a traditional ceremony, which usually attracts people from all walks of life and from across the globe as it creates opportunities to bring our communities together to experience the diverse cultures and foster unity, development and social change,” the KRE indicated. 

“We as the Kunda Royal Establishment stand for peace and embrace other people across the political divide. We have always embraced and worked with the government of the day and the administration of President Hakainde Hichilema is no exception. Let’s foster an environment of mutual respect and peace and it is in this atmosphere that we will prosper as a district and nation at large,” it indicated.



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