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ZAM calls for harmonization of standards of good, services in the region

THE Zambia Association of Manufacturers (ZAM) says there is need for Zambia to dialogue with its neighbouring countries in order to harmonize the standards of goods and services within the region.

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ZAM president Ashu Sagar says harmonization of standards within the region will help enhance cross border trading in the region.

Mr. Sagar said it is so unfortunate that countries within the region have continued to face a number of challenges when it comes to importing and exporting of goods and services due to failure to meet the standards of another country.

He said the manufacturing sector in this case has faced numerous challenges hence the need for government to engage more with its fellow government’s and work on the harmonization of standards going forward.

He said it shouldn’t take officers from other countries to test the goods and services being exported in and out of the countries within the region.

Mr. Sagar said there was also need exchange of cross border skills in order for countries within the region to benefit from each other’s skills.



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