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fears there shall be a ripple effect in the prices of basic needs leading to more hardships for ordinary Zambians

fears there shall be a ripple effect in the prices of basic needs leading to more hardships for ordinary Zambians


THE uncontrollable and continued rising of the cost of fuel Archbishop has exposed the lies of President Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND to Zambians that things would be better, cheaper and easier under their leadership, Emeritus Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu has said.

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Archbishop Mpundu says the continued rise of the fuel prices which by yesterday saw the cost of petrol and diesel hit on all time high was likely to condemn Zambians into deeper poverty.

The retired Catholic prelate said the UPND government was not cheating anyone because Zambians have lost hope that their lives shall even improve under the new dawn administration. 

“When the price of fuel is increased, everything else goes up. The UPND is not cheating anyone but merely failing to arrest the situation of high cost of living” Archbishop Mpundu said.

Archbishop Mpundu said even UPND praise singer would have to feel and bear the effects of the poor economic policies being implemented by their government as they would also be buying fuel at a high price.

He said however that the praise singers should know that the people they were praising as being good leaders were in fact enjoying free food, fuel, accommodation as well as medical care while they were being subjected to high cost of living.

Archbishop Mpundu said the problem of Zambians was that once one was elected as head of State, they often begin to think they were geniuses and the smartest such that they stop listening to the people who elected them.

“The best Government could do is to call for an indaba of experts to find a way of alleviating the suffering of Zambians. The best is to consult with other people instead of giving promises,” Archbishop Mpundu said.

He said Zambia had enough brains to offer solutions but the UPND administration was too proud to accept that they had failed and needed to consult those from outside themselves. 

Archbishop Mpundu said had President Hichilema and his government admitted that they had challenges and had failed, people would come on board and assist them.

He warned that things would get worse for Zambia as the UPND government had not shown any signs of reversing the economic trend of the country.

Archbishop Mpundu said no one ever thought Dr. Kenneth Kaunda would leave government but when time came, not even the strongest form of resistance could stop the revolution. He said it was food riots which proved that Dr. Kaunda was not invincible and that the UPND government had caused food shortages apart from its high cost and should have learnt better from the previous adminstrations.

The clergyman said ulutoshi (Nshima) mattered a lot and it was clear that UPND has failed to feed the people who voted for them to look after the affairs of the country.



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