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Chief Simamba bemoans inability to negotiate mineral royalties 


CHIEF Simamba of Siavonga has bemoaned the fact that traditional leaders cannot always negotiate favourable terms for their chiefdoms when it comes to mineral royalties with mining companies conducting operations in their areas.

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The traditional leader has suggested that once constitutional reforms begin, Government should consider adding a clause that compels mining investors in rural areas to pay royalties to local chiefdoms, instead of leaving it to negotiations.

Chief Simamba said traditional leaders in many cases have no choice but to accept what the mining companies are ready to offer, because the constitution does not compel them to give to the chiefdoms.

He said in many cases, chiefs find it difficult to convince investors to plough back the profits from their operations, leaving chiefdoms poor despite producing resources that are enriching the investors.

Chief Simamba said the challenge is that there is no law that empowers the chiefs to get royalties from the companies, making it difficult to negotiate with investors on behalf of the people.



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