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ECL has not offended

HH, says Nakacinda

…for Paramount Chief Mpezeni to insinuate that former President Lungu was not giving chance to President Hichilema to govern

By Nation Reporter

THE Patriotic Front (PF) says it is determined to reinstate the highest levels of discipline with justice within the process of its rebranding, the principles, values and norms that were once pulverised, leading to the loss of power in 2021, Raphael Nakacinda, the secretary general has said.

And Mr Nakacinda says former President Edgar Lungu has not offended his successor, President Hakainde Hichilema for anyone to call for the reconciliation of the two leaders.

Mr Nakacinda says former President Lungu has instead suffered harassment, humiliation, victimisation and retribution at the hands of President Hichilema and it would therefore be in order for Zambians to call the head of State to order.

Mr Nakacinda wondered what it was former President Lungu could have done for Paramount Chief Mpezeni to have accused the former head of State not affording President Hichilema time to work.

“There is nothing to reconcile over. What is it that President Lungu has done to call for reconciliation? There is no subject of reconciliation. From the time President Lungu handed over power to President Hichilema, what has he done to warrant someone to say they should reconcile. Are you susggesting that former President Lungu has offended President Hichilema apart from jogging, going to church and going to funerals?  In fact the one who should be called to order is President Hichilema.” Mr Nakacinda said.

And Mr Nakacinda says Zambians have painfully realised that the UPND is nothing but a business conglomerate whose economic decisions were based on profit-making and not serving Zambians.

Mr Nakacinda has also called on President Hichilema to declare hunger a disaster because Zambians are faced with starvation as a result of the reckless exportation of maize without caring about the future.

Mr Nakacinda said the PF shall remain a proponent of democratic values and principles and shall uphold the highest standards of intraparty discipline and justice as it is preparing itself to regain its lost glory and rebound as the governing party in the next general elections.

“In recent times, our party, the Patriotic Front has faced challenges that have tested our unity and core values. We acknowledge that the essence of a vibrant democracy is rooted in a robust, disciplined, and equitable party system. Therefore, the Patriotic Front as a party is resolute in its determination to reinstate discipline with justice,” Mr Nakacinda said.

Mr Nakacinda said the former ruling party shall institute clear and transparent procedures meant to address internal matters which would ensure that disciplinary actions were taken against its errant following the due process of the party constitution and without bias.

“We shall invest in educating our members about the significance of discipline and justice within a democratic party. This will encompass training programs on party ethics and values. Our party leaders and members will be held accountable for their actions. No one will be exempt from the principles of discipline and justice that our party upholds.” Mr Nakacinda said it was the belief of the PF that economic growth should always benefit all Zambians and not just a selected few class of the people in government.   


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