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Govt praises NGO for Siavonga infrastructure works

GOVERNMENT has commended Liberi Foundation for constructing various projects among them school infrastructure and health facilities.

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The Foundation, which was founded in 2017 by Wilma Kaptjin, aims to provide high quality education and improved health care to children and young people in the district.

Liberi Foundation was now helping renovate Siamatika primary school and the construction of a modern health facility and a semi-detached staff house which are almost complete in Siavonga District.

Siavonga District Commissioner Geofrey Jakopo expressed happiness at the quality works being exhibited in the area.

Mr Jakopo thanked Liberi Foundation and its partners for supporting Infrastructure development and uplifting health services in the district.

The District Commissioner recognised the social corporate responsibility Liberi Foundation is doing in the district, urging them to continue with the service.

“I am happy with what the donors’ Liberi is doing, I urge them to continue doing such projects in the district, the place is spacious and I have gone into the Wards and the pharmacy. The project is marvelous, I am happy with such developments, “he said.

Mr Jakopo said once the works are completed, the clinic will help to decongest Siavonga District Hospital as people will no longer have to travel long distances to access medical care.

“This will help us decongest Siavonga District Hospital and people will access health care,” said Mr Jakopo.

Meanwhile Namuzunga area Councillor Yousoff Siamatika is elated to see the construction of Siamatika Morden clinic by Liberi Foundation.

Mr Siamatika said the facility will help reduce the risk of other diseases as well as counter challenges of transferring patients to other nearby health facilities.

The councilor added that 5000 people will benefit from accessing health care at the facility. – ZANIS.



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