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PRESIDENT Hakainde Hichilema should end the egotism of mocking Zambians by demanding that he should be graced with 10 years to govern the country when he has disappointingly failed to deliver on any of his promises that made citizens vote for him in 2021, Emeritus Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu has said. 

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Archbishop Mpundu, the retired Catholic cleric says Zambians would have no existent reason to re-elect President Hichilema if he is not going to deliver on what he had promised in his first five-year term.

Archbishop Mpundu who is chairperson of the Our Civic Duty Association (OCiDA) said in an interview that Zambians had heard enough promises from President Hichilema and all they were interested in was to see him deliver.

He said President Hichilema should stop thinking Zambians were gullible whom he could take advantage of by continuing making promises of a better life when Zambians had been condemned to excruciating economic miseries as a result of the poor policies that were being pursued.

The former Catholic prelate wondered how President Hichilema could have the audacity of asking for an extension of his presidency beyond 2026 when the signs so far were pointing to the fact that he had failed to meet the expectations of Zambians.

“So, he is asking for ten years for what? No, no, no…tell him we shall not be taken for granted. We have heard that many times before and we shall only believe him when we see him delivering. We are tired of his promises. You tell him that we are now like Thomas in the Bible who failed to believe Jesus had resurrected until he touched his wounds. Zambians are hungry now and it is reckless to ask them to postpone their suffering until after 10 years. He has failed to deliver in two years and he wants us to believe he will deliver in the next three years. No, no no,” Archbishop Mpundu said.

He said President Hichilema should stop making promises he knew he would never keep because the head of State risked annoying Zambians and agitating for resentment against himself.

Archbishop Mpundu said for now, President Hichilema should attempt to make his promises to Europe of the United States of America where he stood a better chance of being believed because Zambians had already seen through his (President Hichilema) rhetoric.

“Let him not fool us that he understands our problems because he does not. Sorry, we are not going to allow him to continue telling lies. The problems we are having are his creation and if he claims that he is also having problems, he should blame himself because he has failed. His problems are his own creation. So, sorry, we are not ready to continue being taken advantage of. Let him just deliver because we are tired,” Archbishop Mpundu said.



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