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PF can’t be the Messiah – Matambo

By Nation Reporter

ELISHA Matambo says the Patriotic Front (PF) should stop pretending that they can be the messiah of Zambians because it caused a lot of damage to the country both socially and economically.

And Mr Matambo, the Copperbelt Province Minister says Zambians are happy with the achievements the UPND government and President Hakainde Hichilema have so far scored in just two years of being in power as compared to the disastrous ten-year rule of the PF.

 Mr Matambo is demanding that the PF should apologise to Zambians and the people of the Copperbelt in particular for the economic miseries and hardships the region had been subjected to in the ten years of reign.

Mr Matambo said the PF should give the UPND chance to govern and deliver its promise to Zambians without getting distracted by criticism and propaganda that the UPND had failed to meet the expectations of the people.  He said Zambians were happy that peace had returned in the country which according to him was engulfed with violence and tribalism during the time the PF was in government.

“Zambians did not vote for the UPND and President Hichilema in vain and even the heavens know that we are delivering. Zambians are happy and speaking for the Copperbelt, there has never been a better time for the people than when the UPND is in power. Let the PF stop pretending that they can be the Messiah to redeem Zambians after creating their problems. In fact, we expect the PF to apologise to Zambians, especially to the people on the Copperbelt which was even nicknamed Beirut because the violence,” Mr Matambo said.  

Mr Matambo said Zambia was more united now than ever before because President Hichilema had been a proponent of peace, unity and forgiveness while condemning regionalism which he said had divided the country.

He said the PF should give the UPND chance to govern and should desist from condemning everything the new dawn was doing to correct the damage.

Mr Matambo said the UPND in government had scored monumental achievements in alleviating the economic problems of the people through the increased Constituency Development Fund (CDF) and free education which had seen thousands of orphaned children enter into school.

Mr Matambo said the UPND government had performed well in their two years of being in government, something he said had put smiles on the faces of many Zambians who voted for President Hichilema.

Mr Matambo said in an interview in Kitwe that the UPND would remain the most attractive political organisation on the Copperbelt and that it would sail through in the 2026 general elections. He claimed that the new dawn administration had met most of its promises and expectations which according to him would guarantee the ruling party victory in 2026. He said the UPND government had in two years performed better than the successive governments and that was why Zambians were happy and giving the ruling party massive support.


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