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Removal of street vendors fever hits Mongu


MONGU Municipal Council (MMC) in conjunction with State Police yesterday swung into action and effectively enforced the removal of street vendors in Mongu Central District.

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According to a statement council Public Relations Officer Abigail Sitenge the Local Authority also removed all mobile money booths and makeshift stalls that had been erected in undesignated places like road reserves and those mounted on drainages. 

Ms Sitenge said the operation was conducted in Mongu Central Business district, Mongu – Senanga Road and also along Mongu – Lusaka Road in accordance with the Local Government Act No. 2 of 2019, Statutory Instrument (SI) No.12 of 2018 and Urban and Regional Planning Act No. 3 of 2015.

“On 3rd August 2023, the Local Authority issued a Public Notice outlining intentions to remove vendors and later engaged all affected booth owners. This measure was then followed by Radio announcements, public announcements and Community engagements with the affected vendors,” she said. 

She said a 21-day extension was later given to all vendors to relocate to established Council markets and other designated trading areas. 

Ms Sitenge said the Local Authority was happy to announce that so far, over 50 street vendors out of the 109 that were captured have moved into markets. She said affected and prospective mobile money booth owners were advised to engage the council through the Department of Planning before erecting any temporal structure and acquaint themselves with the terms and conditions of their temporal permit issued to them. 

Ms Sitenge said Council Police Officers working together with State Police would continue to monitor compliance levels following the clean up this morning.



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