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Sean to spend weekend in police cells in Chilanga


PATRIOTS for Economic Progress (PEP) president Sean Tembo will spend the weekend at Balmoral Police Post in Chilanga as the police denied to grant him police bond despite meeting all the requirements. 

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Mr Tembo was arrested on Thursday in the morning, a day after the police sent a callout to him to report himself at the Ibex Hill police station at 14: 00 hours.

Instead, the police moved in morning and ambushed Mr Tembo with an arrest at his residence and was reported to have been taken to Police Service Headquarters.

But in the dramatic turn of events, Mr Tembo was moved from Police Headquarters to an unknown location and was only located yesterday at Balmoral Police station in Chilanga where is being detained.

Mr Tembo was to be charged with hate speech but was denied bond despite having met all the conditions.

And the arrest of Mr. Tembo has angered his party members who called his arrest an abduction because he was taken to a far place without any of relatives and PEP members knowing his whereabouts. The party members said the condition that they found Mr. Tembo in was unpleasant because he was left to sleep on the floor for 16 hours without food and water.

“You cannot just pick a person and throw him on the floor like a bag of charcoal for a case that is bondable. It is unacceptable,” the party supporters complained.

Several opposition political party leaders including Citizens First party leader Harry Kalaba, Socialist Party president Fred M’membe, and Emmanuel Mwamba among others visited Mr Tembo in Chilanga.



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