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UNLESS government expedites the issuance of timber concession licences, the industry is under the risk of collapsing as politicians are taking advantage and are exploiting the sector, the Timber Association of Zambia has warned.

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Charles Musange, the Timber Association of Zambia president says there is urgent need to expedite issuance of timber concession licences and save the sector from total collapse.

Speaking in an interview, Mr Masange said politicians in previous governments took advantage and got licenses on behalf of foreigners to the detrimental and disadvantage of local players.

Mr Musange complained that politicians in the current government had already jumped on the trade and were engaging in activities that were not favouring the growth of the sector.

He said since April last year, Government had only issued licences to small-scale timber producers whose expiry period was no more than two years.

He said it was disappointing that all valuable species of Zambia’s timber had not been included in the issued licences.

Mr Masange said concession licences should include Mukula as it was the largest income earner in the timber industry.

He has since urged Government to state a clear pathway on when and how it would conduct issuance of concession licences.

“We thought things will be different under the new dawn government but as it stands things are even worsening because Government seem not to care about this industry. We have engaged the government several times on how best this industry can be revamped but they are failing to do it. The issuance of licences have stalled and we are wondering what is happening and as I speak right now the industry has collapsed,” Mr Musange said.



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