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UPND should not go beyond 2026 says Moola


ZAMBIANS must make sure that the UPND is ejected from government in the 2026 elections because its mediocre leadership has no heart for the majority poverty-stricken Zambians and will stop at nothing to serve the interests of imperialists while Zambians continue to wallow in poverty and hunger,”  Munalula Moola has said.

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Mr Moola, the Patriotic Front (PF) Copperbelt Spokesperson, said the decision by the UPND government to abolish the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP) because of its failure to manage the programme was a clear indication of mediocre leadership and also lack of concern for vulnerable, but viable farmers.

In an interview in Kitwe yesterday, Mr Moola said the decision to abolish the FISP by the New Dawn administration had clearly shown that unlike the PF, the Hakainde Hichilema government was not a pro-poor government and does not care about the majority poverty stricken Zambians.

“It appears that this government just wakes up and makes a decision without thinking about it. The issue of abolishing FISP goes to show that unlike the PF, the UPND is not a pro-poor government and does not care about the majority poverty stricken Zambians. This is why Zambians must ensure that the UPND is ejected in the 2026 elections,” Mr Moola said.

Mr Moola said in the two years of the UPND in government , the majority poverty stricken Zambians have nothing to celebrate about their decision to replace the Patriotic Front (PF) with the UPND because poverty and hunger has continued to worsen with the price of mealie meal sky-rocketing.

Mr Moola said apart from the worsening poverty and hunger, the UPND has continued to exhibit arrogance, dictatorial tendencies and lack of regard for the majority stricken Zambians who are now regretting their decision to replace the PF and Edgar Chagwa Lungu (ECL) with the UPND and President Hakainde Hichilema. 

He said, under the UPND government, Zambians have seen the country being given to multinational companies which were being supported by the Western  countries. 



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