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ZTA optimistic about growth in tourism sector 


THE Zambia Tourism Agency (ZTA) says local investors in the tourism sector are playing a pivotal role in the development of the sector and should therefore be incentivised.

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The agency says the zeal of the local players has given confidence that the sector was thriving because of the empowerment being received from the government. 

Speaking in an interview, ZTA chief executive officer Matongo Matamwandi said the commitment Government had shown through empowerment of local players was an indication that the future of the sector is bright.

Mr Matamwandi said the move taken by Government to empower local players in the tourism sector would enable them to fully participate in the growth of the sector.

He said Government had shown that it was eager to see the sector grow because it was a critical industry to the country’s economy.

Mr Matamwandi is encouraging the local players to be innovative to improve their operations amidst economic hardships.

“Although there is no liquidity in the economy currently, other economic indicators are giving assurance that the situation will improve,” Mr Matamwandi said.



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