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Church refuses to speak out ON schemes to kill PF


THE Bishops Council of Zambia (BCZ) says it is very difficult for the church to render a voice on matters that are obtaining in the PF as it is political in nature.

The council says the church usually takes interest in issues that border on governance.

BCZ general secretary, Able Kaela, said the issues surrounding the PF was dicey for the church to delve into.

Bishop Kaela however said the church have to take their time to digest the matters properly so that proper guidance can be given to the affected parties so that no one would blame it of taking sides.

He said the church is also seeking God’s intervention in many things that are happening in the country so that the land can be healed.

“We might seem quiet now as a church but we are praying for the situation because we don’t want our message to fall on deaf ears when we speak,” he said.

Bishop Kaela said the time will come when the church will come out which will stop the happenings in the former ruling party.

And Bishop Kaela said the church is seeing the injustices that are happening in the country currently but it cannot come out and protest because protest in Zambia is an exercise in futility because they do not yield any results.         


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