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Mutti must resign – Kabimba


NELLY Mutti, the Speaker of the National Assembly stands discredited and will not be respected by Members of Parliament because her position has now become untenable and should therefore resign, Wynter Kabimba SC has said.

Mr Kabimba, the leader of the Economic Front (EF) party says Patriotic Front (PF) Members of Parliament have completely lost respect for Speaker Mutti because she has failed to be an impartial umpire in the House.

Mr Kabimba said this when he appeared on the Millennium Radio’s Interview Programme yesterday.

He said Speaker Mutti had not only been breaching the country’s Constitution but had been abrogating the Standing Orders, the rules that govern the conduct of MPs, including herself in the House with impunity.

 Mr Kabimba said Speaker Mutti had with impunity continued to harass and humiliate opposition lawmakers while vandalizing the Constitution and Standing orders in the House for which the MPs could not take any more hence their loss of respect for her.

He said it was because of her brazen and unbecoming behavior that had led to the suspension of 19 opposition and Independent lawmakers.

“Speaker Mutti is not objective and I wonder what issue she has with the Patriotic Front. For the Speaker not to allow opposition Members of Parliament to conclusively express themselves is wrong. She is neither the judge nor the voter to curtail debates by the opposition MPs unnecessarily. Even if she was going to sit in that House with a gun, she will never be respected by the MPs because she has exhibited partisan traits in her decisions,” Mr Kabimba said.

And Mr Kabimba has charged that the expelled Matero Member of Parliament Miles Sampa’s October 24 assembly did not meet the requirements of being called an elective general conference.

Mr Kabimba said Mr. Sampa’s gathering was an illegal assembly that had fallen far short of the requirements of a general conference to produce a party president despite having been gifted with State security.

Mr Kabimba, who had helped draft the PF Constitution said a party conference required that delegates arriving for the elective general conference were screened, which did not happen at Mr Sampa’s meeting.

“According to the party’s constitution, legitimate delegates of the party should come from recognised party structures at ward, constituency or provincial levels across the country failure to which, such a gathering falls short of the criteria to elect a legitimate leader.


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