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No second term for UPND – Saboi


THE country will be on its knees of the UPND will be given another mandate, National Democratic Congress party president Saboi Imboela has said.

Ms Imboela has since urged Zambians to reflect and ensure that a better party with a proper vision is given a chance to superintend over the affairs of the country.

Ms Imboela has rubbished sentiments by Minister of information and Media Cornelius Mweetwa that Zambia would have been in a much better state if President Hakainde Hichilema was given the chance to lead the country earlier.

She said Zambians are able to see that Mr Hichilema and his administration have messed up the country and come 2026 they should be voted out.

Ms Imboela said the country has never been in a mess like the way it is now in previous governments which shows that the current leadership has nothing to offer.

She said Zambians need to save the country from the hands of incompetent leaders through the ballot.

Meanwhile, Ms Imboela has expressed concern about Zambia’s current political situation and the direction its heading to.

Ms Imboela warned that Zambia is in a risky political situation, heading in an undesirable direction.

She advised the people of Zambia not to be misled and misguided by the Government and encourages them to speak out when things are not going well. 

And Ms. Imboela acknowledges that development takes time, but she points out that the Government is being revealed by the deteriorating economic situation and underlying fundamentals.

She asserted that community indicators and the high cost of living clearly indicate that the Government has failed the people and has no direction.

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