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Govt urged to give update on Export Proceeds Tracking framework implementation 


Economist Yusuf Dodia has  urged the Minister of Finance and National Planning to provide an update on the progress of the Export Proceeds Tracking framework which was set to be implemented on January 1, 2024.

In an interview, Mr. Dodia said there has not been any official announcement regarding the implementation of the framework.

He explained that during the Minister of Finance’s press briefing on the provisions of the 2024 national budget, everything was covered except for the export proceeds tracking framework.

He said people are eager to see to it that the framework  is implemented because this tool will help the country economically.

Mr. Dodia said that if the framework is implemented this  month  significant earnings can be generated in just 10 days, therefore, it has potential to unlock the economy.

He believes this initiative is a game-changer that can boost the economy, leading to increased funds for banks and the ability to lend more to the public.


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