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UPND warns Changala, M’membe, Nawakwi against attacking HH


THE UPND in Lusaka has warned of unknown reprisals against Brebnar Changala, Kelvin Fube Bwalya, Fred M’membe and Edith Nawakwi for allegedly attacking President Hakainde Hichilema and disturbing his work of governing the country.

Anderson Banda, the UPND Lusaka Province youth chairman has described Mr Changala, the civil rights and political activist, Mr Fube Bwalya, the leader of Zambia Must Prosper, Dr M’membe, the Socialist Party leader, and Ms Nawakwi, the president for Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) and Sean Tembo, the leader of Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) as jealous, petty and envious people whose desire was to see President Hichilema and his government fail.

Mr Banda has accused Mr Changala, KBF, Dr M’membe and Ms Nawakwi of having gone on rampage attacking President Hichilema and that the UPND youths shall respond with equal force in a language the critics to the head of State would understand best.

Mr Banda is angry that some people who supported the UPND as alliance partners had suddenly turned out to be the heaviest critics of President Hichilema and his government and has vowed that the ruling party youth leadership shall no longer tolerate criticism from politicians and other opinion leaders.

 Speaking during a media briefing yesterday, Mr Banda said it was shocking that some people who were supporting UPND in the run up to the 2021 elections had now ganged up to attack the President.

“The people that are attacking President Hichilema supported us as the alliance partners just three or four weeks before the general elections. Now the same people are saying former President Edgar Lungu was better than President Hichilema. Why did they not work with ECL (former President Lungu)? This type of cheap politics shall not be tolerated. We shall not allow shameless politicians to disturb President Hichilema,” Mr Banda said.  

He said some of the people who were attacking Mr Hichilema were in an alliance with the UPND and helped the party kick out the PF.

“We are wondering what has changed, some of them are going to an extent of saying that Edgar Lungu was better than HH, if he was better why did they just support him in 2021, this time we shall not allow them, we shall take them on, head-on ” he said.


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