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We must promote male champions

WE have openly discussed the attitudes of men when it comes to setting the adverse narratives of gender-based violence against women and children.

Men have always blamed women for being responsible for getting beaten by men. Rarely have men laid the blame on their doorsteps.

Their nonchalant perceptions have established a pervert, palpable custom of violence against women. This custom is entrenched firmly in communities and is perceived as a natural phenomenon.

Men hardly question this patriarchal custom and surrender to its illogical premise. Women seldom invoke the courage to break free. This ongoing, vitriol cycle of attack, acceptance, and resignation perpetuates endlessly.

Fortunately, with the continuous dissemination of chronicles of violence, men and women are banding together to forge better communities based on respect, and freedom to live, fearlessly.

Men are coming out as advocates of ceasing violence against women. It is these men that a society must bring forward as leading examples.

According to a 2022 United Nations report, male champions are helping to end gender-based violence in Uganda.

 Being a male champion in the fight for gender equality entails taking on a multitude of responsibilities and roles. One essential aspect is actively speaking out against all forms of abuse and discrimination.

This involves not only denouncing such behaviour but also taking proactive steps to address and prevent them within our communities and society as a whole. Furthermore, a male champion acts as a source of change and inspiration for other men. By challenging harmful stereotypes and norms, he pushes for a transformation in attitudes and behaviour.

Through his actions, words, and interactions, he seeks to dismantle toxic masculinity and promote a healthier, more inclusive idea of manhood.

Moreover, being a male champion means becoming a role model for mindset change. It requires embodying and promoting respectful relationships, consent, empathy, and emotional intelligence.

By practicing and encouraging these qualities, a male champion strives to redefine masculinity and create an environment where all individuals feel safe, valued, and respected.

In addition to personal conduct, a male champion advocates for the rights of women and girls. This involves actively supporting policies, legislation, and initiatives that promote gender equality and women’s empowerment.

By using his influence, platform, and resources, he amplifies their voices, supports their demands for equality, and works towards dismantling gender-based barriers and discrimination.

Furthermore, a male champion recognises the importance of increasing the visibility of women and girls in society. This encompasses promoting their achievements, contributions, and diverse perspectives across all domains – whether it be the workplace, education, politics, or the arts.

By actively seeking out and providing opportunities for women to be seen and heard, a male champion helps challenge and break down the societal stereotypes that have historically marginalised them.

In conclusion, a male champion plays an essential role in creating a more equitable and inclusive world for all genders.

With men at the helm of change, women have better chances to survive and exist with heads held high. A peaceful co-existence in society!!!


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