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PK Chishala ‘resurrects’ in Parley

…as Gary Nkombo entices PF MPs to defect to UPND to help clean up the ‘mess’


GARY Nkombo yesterday invoked the vocals of Zambia’s foremost guitarist and musician Peter Kalumba Chishala in his famous song “Amalushi” when he insinuated that the UPND was cleaning up the mess allegedly left behind by the Patriotic Front (PF).

Mr Nkombo, the Minister of Local Government and Rural Development as well as acting Infrastructure Minister is appealing to Zambians to allow the UPND to revive the economy from the malaise which according to him, was left by the PF.

“Allow us to clean up the….not the mess…the malaise…allow us to resuscitate ourselves from the malaise that we were left with. Believe you me, had the Zambian people made an error to allow the PF to continue after 2021, this country would have ground to a halt and people must understand that. This country would have shut down,” Mr Nkombo said. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE


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