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UKA here to stay – Saki


STATE Counsel Sakwiba Sikota says President Hakainde Hichilema has realised that Zambians ba UKA and will never be cheated again and that by the time he would wake up, Zambians would have shoved him out of State House.

Mr Sikota, the interim chairman of the United Kwacha Alliance (UKA) says while President Hichilema is comforting himself that he would not allow himself to be defeated by the opposition alliance, Zambians were only waiting for time to free themselves from the UPND.

Mr Sikota, who is also the leader of the United Liberal Party (ULP) said President Hichilema should know that UKA was not going anywhere but to better Zambia and taking Zambians to peace, prosperity and equality.

Responding to a press query about President Hichilema declaring that he was not going anywhere and was not going to allow himself to be defeated, Mr Sikota said the head of State was but showboating as it was clear that the formation of UKA had unsettled him.  

“I agree with President Hichilema that Ma Zambians ba UKA manje (now woken up). You can no longer lie to the Zambians. Zambians ba UKA and can see the lack of jobs. Zambians ba UKA and can see the uncontrolled cholera. Zambians ba UKA and can see the cost of living. Ba UKA and can see the cost of fuel, they can see the cost of bunga and can see the rising cost of everyday things,” Mr Sikota said.

Mr Sikota said UKA was agreeing with President Hichilema that Zambians were not foolish and were able to see and experience the economic hardships they were being subjected to by President Hichilema and his government.

He said President Hichilema while commissioning the UPND secretariat on Thursday spent time claiming that he was not afraid of the UKA and was ready to face the alliance yet he looked like a man who had already been defeated and out of the boxing ring.

“This was showboating by President Hichilema. This is a tactic that professional boxers use when they have received a devastating and hurting blow. You find a boxer who has been hurt will even lean forward to his opponent and shake his head as if to say, “our blow has not hurt me!’ Or ‘Is that the best that you’ve got?’” Mr Sikota said. President Hichilema said he is not going anywhere.


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