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Police in Kafue detain Saboi, Silavwe, two Journalists


MORE than 150 heavily armed police officers in armored vehicles yesterday besieged Kafue district where the United Kwacha Alliance was scheduled its inaugural mass public rally which had been cancelled by the police command and in the process arrested and detained Saboi Imboela and Jackson Silavwe the Alliance media chairperson and communications chairperson respectively.

The police also detained Millennium TV Journalist Rodgers Mwiima, his counterpart Innocent Phiri from KBN TV and a Mr Mambwe, the NDC media director.

Ms Imboela who is also National Democratic Congress (NDC) president confirmed in an interview yesterday that she, along with Mr Silavwe, Mr Mwiima and Mr Phiri were accosted by the police just when they were leaving what would have been the venue of the UKA rally and were roughly harangued before being taken to Kafue police where they were detained. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE


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