In a remarkable achievement, A student at the Zambia Institute of Advanced Legal Education (ZIALE), Melody Banda has emerged as the best graduating student receiving the prestigious Stephen Malama Award.

The event was held at the Avani Hotels and resorts in Livingstone during the 11th Law Association of Zambia Annual General Conference and the award was presented by LAZ President Lungisani Zulu,Mahtani Group of Companies Legal Counsel,Bridget Banda,Tourism Minister Rodney Sikumba and LAZ Executive Director Edward Sakala.

This recognition not only celebrates her academic excellence but also highlights the endless possibilities that lie ahead for her.

In an interview with Platinum news, Ms. Banda said that graduating from ZIALE on the first attempt is an accomplishment in itself, but being named the top graduate and receiving the Stephen Malama Award is a testament to hard work, focus, and determination.

“My initial reaction was unbelief which later turned to joy and excitement. The late State Counsel Stephen Malama, MHSRIEP, was one of the finest eminent legal minds to have ever graced this Country and to be a recipient of an Award that has his name attached to it is very humbling. Am really honored” she said

She further said that the Stephen Malama Award sets a high standard for her, serving as a reminder to emulate the late State Counsel’s legal acumen and brilliance, inspiring her to strive for excellence and become an exemplary figure in the legal profession.

“This Award is a key I will use to unlock and be part of many future opportunities that will come my way, be for job prospects or furthering my studies, the possibilities are quite many” she said.

In a testament to his dedication to education, Dr. Rajan Mahtani established the prestigious Steven Malama Award, leaving an indelible mark on Zambia’s educational landscape,” said Mercy Nkashi from the Mahtani Group of Companies’ Public Relations Unit.

“This esteemed award, founded in 2013 in memory of the visionary late Steven Malama, a prominent legal practitioner at the Zambian Supreme Court, honors his pivotal role in streamlining the legal profession by merging the Solicitor’s Bar and Barrister’s Bar,” she adds.
“Through this merger, countless law candidates and graduates have benefitted, gaining easier access to law affiliation.”

Speaking further on behalf of Dr. Mahtani, Ms.Nkashi highlights the profound impact of the Steven Malama Award. “Instituted to recognize excellence, it is bestowed upon the top graduating student from the Zambia Institute of Advanced Legal Education, provided they pass the bar on their first attempt,” she explains, “Dr. Mahtani’s ongoing commitment to the advancement of Zambian society and its people is evident through initiatives like the Steven Malama Award, which not only celebrate academic excellence but also empower the next generation of legal professionals,” she concludes.


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