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My mother shot dad, Shikapwasha’s daughter


DAUGHTER of slain former Zambia Air Force commander (ZAF), Ronald Shikapwasha, has disclosed that her mother did confess that she may have shot the father.

Vanessa Shikapwasha testified before Lusaka High Court Judge, Conceptor Chinyanwa Zulu, that shortly after hearing the gun shot, her mother, Jane Lusengo, burst out of the matrimonial bedroom into the passage area in panic while holding the gun in her left hand.

“She responded and said your dad has been shot. I followed up to ask how and what do you mean? Before that point, when I asked her what had happened, I held onto the gun, right above her hand and asked her to give me the gun but she wouldn’t let go and when she mentioned that dad had been shot, I let go of the gun and that’s when I asked her how and what had happened CLICK HERE TO READ MORE


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