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Reintroduce subsidies on fuel, electricity – NGO

Fight Inequality Alliance (FIA) Zambia, says the removal of subsidies on energy and subsequent increase in electricity tariffs and fuel pump prices has only achieved the perpetuation of inequality.

Mputa Ngalande, the FIA Zambia National Coordinator says small scale businesses rely on electricity but are already struggling with more than eight hours of load shedding, which he says is another form of inequality.

Mr. Ngalande said ZESCO was not sticking to the schedule of its load shedding as programmed, thereby affecting small scale businesses, which have to endure long hours of non-productivity.

He said electricity tariffs increase would adversely disadvantage small scale businesses such as barber shops, saloons and welders.

Mr. Ngalande said mines were owing ZESCO a lot of money as they consumed more than ordinary people, hence the need to protect citizens.

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