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Zambia sliding into a failed State


STATE Counsel John Sangwa has warned that Zambia could slowly be descending into a failed State with deep lawlessness, stating that editorships, often do not happen overnight but gradually when citizens begin to tolerate abnormal governance systems such as using the police to harass citizens and the church with impunity. 

Mr Sangwa, one of Zambia’s renowned constitutional lawyers has charged that there is indisputable evidence that Zambia’s democratic space has shrunk under the Hakainde Hichilema presidency who has resorted to using the police to harass former President Edgar Lungu, the Church and all those with divergent views.

Mr Sangwa says what happened in Kabwe on Friday was total lawlessness and was chipping away at the country’s democracy and should therefore be resisted by all Zambians CLICK HERE TO READ MORE


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