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Zimba WDCs urged to work with traditional leaders

ZANIS – Mapatizya Member of Parliament (MP) Emelda Munashabantu has urged Ward Development Committees (WDCs) in Zimba district to work closely with village headmen to spearhead development in their respective areas.

Mrs Munashabantu says WDCs have a huge responsibility to ensure that the welfare of the people is improved by addressing the various challenges people are faced with.

She there is need to address the water challenges affecting people in the district by identifying where water points can be accessed without difficulties.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS, Mrs Munashabantu said the increased allocation of Constituency Development Fund (CDF) provides an opportunity for WDCs and village headmen to utilise and provide water to people in communities.

She revealed that she has set out a target to embark on a three-year project of drilling boreholes in villages.

“If you check, you will realise that water problems are all over Mapatizya Constituency demanding for an immediate solution from WDCs and headmen who should identify where boreholes should be sunk,” she said.

Mrs Munashabantu stated that government is committed to improving the quality of water and sanitation services in various parts of the country in line with the Eighth National Development Plan (8NDP) that seeks access to clean and safe water for all.

She said the selection process for construction of the borehole will depend on location, population density, water demand, water quality to ensure maximum benefit for the community.



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