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THERE has been too much injustice on late Second Republican President Frederick Chiluba and his family and the PF will leave a legacy if it facilitates for the return of his property, Wright Musoma has said.
Mr Musoma, who Zambia Republican Party (ZRP) president, said it would also be fair if the late president’s immunity was restored posthumously.

Speaking to the Daily Nation yesterday, Mr Musoma said Zambia must erase the bad precedence it had created where every former president was victimised at the end if his reign.

He said Dr Chiluba and his family had suffered as he never csme to enjoy his sweat after leaving office as neither his properties were returned to him nor his immunity restored even after being acquitted.

He said Dr Chiluba went to his grave with some sections of society branding him a thief yet no court of law found him guilty.

Mr Musoma said time to have late president’s properties returned to the family was now and that the PF would be scoring big if it facilitated that transfer.
He said members of the Taskforce on corruption must be quizzed over the whereabouts of Dr Chiluba’s property because there was no point in keeping property which was ceased on allegations of being proceeds of crime yet all the charges were dropped.

He said about US$ 8 million and properties that were grabbed from Dr Chiluba should be given back to his family.

“Dr Chiluba’s immunity must also be restored. We cannot continue victimizing him even in his death over the wrongs he never did. We must be grateful to this man because without him, this democracy we are today enjoying would not have been there.

“I appeal to Members of Parliament from both the ruling and opposition to unite on this matter and demand the restoration of his immunity because this is not a political matter but a national matter. Let us not create a bad precedence for our leaders once they are out of office,” he said.

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