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Beer distributors warned

ALL beer distributors and agents have been warned against selling liquor to unlicensed person sand sheebens or face the full wrath of the law.
Kitwe City Council Town Clerk, Mbulo Seke, said it was illegal for any distributor to sell beer to shebeens and unlicensed persons and warned that such persons would not be spared.
Mr Seke said the local authority in collaboration with the Zambia police service would continue patrolling all areas to ensure compliance to health guidelines and Presidential directive to suspend operations in bars, night clubs, gymnasiums and casinos.
The Town Clerk also directed mobile booth owners and marketeers to strictly observe the one-metre social distancing rule.
“All beer distributors are warned against distributing beer to unlicensed persons and shebeens contrary to the Liquor Licencing Act, 2011. All owners and operators of booths in the city are required to reposition them to maintain a minimum spacing of 1 meter between booths,” he added.
Mr Seke also said all transport operators should always disinfect their vessels at disinfection bays in the city before passengers were allowed to board.
He said generators of solid waste and polluters of the environment would be fined as provided under the Solid Waste Regulation and Management Act, 2018 and the Environmental Management Act, 2011.
“These measures are in line with Regulation 10(2) which allows an authorised officer to institute measures for preventing or limiting the danger to health.
“Any person who fails to comply with direction, prohibition or restriction from an authorised officer commits an offence and is liable, on conviction, to a fine not exceeding two thousand five hundred penalty units or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months, or both.
Mr Seke said all markets would remain closed every Saturday morning up to 10:00 hours in order for traders to clean and disinfect their trading spaces.
He said the closure of markets every Saturday up to 10 hours was one of the measures which the local authority had put in place to prevent the spread of COVID 19.
“As we scale up the fight against COVID 19, it is our passionate appeal to marketeers, vendors and other stakeholders to support the fight and cooperate with the local authority.
“All marketeers must practice social-distancing-compliant table spacing in the markets and Chisokone one-way street as a way of observing social distancing rules,” he said.

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