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Destabilisation schemes will fail – Nakacinda

CARTELS working to make Zambia ungovernable by instigating regime change will not succeed, nominated Member of Parliament Raphael Nakacinda has warned.
Mr Nakacinda said in an interview that there was a group of Zambians working with foreigners to make the country ungovernable.
“There are cartels of people ganging up to pursue their personal interests or peculiar interest and these people are trying by all means to make the country ungovernable to instigate regime change for nothing but their personal benefits.
“Some of these cartels have been in existence for 20 years but the will of people have always prevailed,” Mr Nakacinda said.
He said the will of the Zambians and that of God will always prevail over such cartels.
Zambians, he stated, were aware of people that were advancing personal agendas to make the nation ungovernable and these would always be rejected.
Mr Nakachinda said the cartels were investing money in schemes to destabilise the nation and that for as long as they were not advancing the interests of the people they would fail, Zambia being a Christian nation.
The lawmaker said those working with cartels that do not mean well for Zambians would soon be exposed.
“Why should someone work with foreigners to cause civil strife in the country ,let Zambians govern or misgovern themselves and that’s what our forefathers fought for not to be ruled by remote control,” Mr Nakachinda said.

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